AccuWeather Saves Lives with Flood Warning One Hour Ahead of Government

There are few sights in railroading more terrifying than a washout. Because it can take a speeding freight train more than a half-mile to stop, washouts can put the crew of the train in extreme danger and cause multi-million dollar property losses, not to mention the risk of dumping hazardous chemicals into rivers.

All of this was prevented the evening of April 26, 2016, mjust west of Topeka, Kansas, when AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ International Severe Weather Center, based in Wichita, Kansas, issued a track-specific flash flood warning more than one hour before government meteorologists issued a similar warning for the area. AccuWeather’s warning was also geographically smaller, allowing track inspectors to proceed to the specifically threatened areas rather than tying up vital train traffic while they tried to search for a flood.

Not only did AccuWeather issue a timely pin-point warning that evening, our exclusive weather forecast model showed the likelihood of excessive rainfall in northeast Kansas more than eight hours before it fell. AccuWeather clients had hours of advance notice to prepare for expected flooding and pre-position repair crews.

Whether surface transportation, water resource management, public safety, or media, AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy™ once again demonstrates its value. 

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