A Tale of Three Tornadoes

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions was the only weather provider that issued real-time, advanced, and detailed warnings ahead of three separate costly weather events.

On August 24, 2016, tornadoes – unforecast by some – cut a wide swath of damage from southwest Ontario to central Indiana. Again, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ SkyGuard® tornado warnings proved to be the “gold standard” for enterprises wanting to protect their people, property and profits.

For those relying on the U.S. National Weather Service and for those relying on governmental weather officials in Canada, there was one set of outcomes:

“Tornado warnings must be improved” -The Peterboro (Canada) Examiner, September 5, 2016

“Residents and a local politician are among those criticizing Environment Canada’s tornado warning methodology after two different twisters ripped through Windsor, Ont., and the neighbouring bedroom community of LaSalle on Wednesday night.” -Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, August 25, 2016

“I just held onto my buddy and I was thinking in my head, ‘we don’t have a chance’!” -Worker in heavily damaged factory in Windsor, Ontario, where no advanced warning for the tornado was given.

But, those relying on AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions had far more favorable results:

“We had eight AccuWeather tornado warnings. The worst weather day since I’ve been here. Your team was all over it; that’s why we like your service. Everything went incredibly smooth.”-Billy R. Newton, Global Security Operations Center Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Detroit Consider three of the major tornadoes:

Windsor, Ontario: AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions provided Chrysler and other clients in the area with at least seven minutes advance notice of the tornado; enough time to shut down critical systems and move people to shelter. Canadian weather officials did not issue a tornado warning until 20 minutes later – after the tornado had been on the ground, done its damage, and dissipated.

Ft. Wayne, Indiana: AccuWeather’s SkyGuard warning was issued 10 life-saving minutes ahead of those from the National Weather Service.

Kokomo, Indiana: AccuWeather’s tornado warning was issued 17 minutes before those from the National Weather Service.

Seven, 10 and 17 minutes are the difference between getting people into shelter and critical systems being safely shut shown versus employees exposed to flying debris and heavy equipment falling from rooftop installations. It can be, literally, the difference between life and death.

In today’s legal and regulatory environment, it is vital to have the most accurate and timely warnings of extreme weather. Call AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions today. After all, the next storm may already be on the way.