StoryTeller gives you all of the tools you need to bring every news presentation to life. Powered by a suite of proprietary applications that allow you to create and deliver stories in a way today’s audiences demand, StoryTeller applications are flexible, easy to use, and continually enhanced to provide you with an unlimited array of options for communicating any story, in any forum, for any, tomorrow and beyond.          

The suite of products is made up of Studio Tools, StoryTeller Studio and StoryTeller Studio+.

Studio Tools are a comprehensive and foundational set of functionalities that are integrated into the studio suite of products, allowing you to quickly and easily manipulate and enhance your presentations in ways that will bring every news presentation to life.

StoryTeller Studio is a full suite of applications included with the StoryTeller system that allows you to easily cover topics such as breaking news, weather, sports, and more. Studio applications provide a complete, fully interactive touchscreen solution for your entire newsroom.

StoryTeller Studio+ is a suite of premium applications for StoryTeller, with integrated data from reliable and respected third parties who have partnered with AccuWeather, resulting in dynamic and engaging content to more effectively cover broadcast presentations such as elections, crime, traffic, health, and social media.


AccuWeather’s All-New Interactive Weather System sets you apart from the competition with advanced story telling tools, proprietary data and stunning graphical capabilities. StormDirector+’s new technology helps to reduce the heavy demands of broadcast meteorologists, giving them the ability to be on the air with the latest information.

Developed by the most knowledgeable minds and leaders in the industry, StormDirector+ was built for meteorologists by meteorologists. It is an interactive weather system built to run on a green screen, video wall or touch screen. Fully-customizable, StormDirector+ equips your weather presentations with AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy TM, the same Superior Accuracy that has saved tens of thousands of lives across the United States.

Quickly and easily create customized local weather forecasts using mapping with radar, satellite, severe weather watches and warnings, comprehensive model data, health indices, hourly and extended forecasts and more, in an engaging presentation with stunningly clear graphics, allowing you to broadcast weather in an instant. StormDirector+ offers broadcasters the next level of real-time storm tracking and weather graphics to best inform, attract, and engage viewers. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to customize and present the most engaging local weather presentations, complimenting a stations’ branded look and feel. StormDirector+ has also integrated AccuWeather’s AccUcast™ crowdsourced weather conditions.

Audience Building Partnership

This extraordinary partnership-building opportunity presents your station brands to new local audiences in your markets on each of our AccuWeather digital media properties. This powerful cross-promotion sends you additional viewers both on air and on your digital platforms for all of your content – news, sports, weather, and programming – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over the last few years, AccuWeather has become one of the world's fastest growing digital media companies. Our spectacular growth on mobile and the web has created large AccuWeather audiences in every television market. This growth has occurred because AccuWeather has been both diligent and successful in creating deep, long-term partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of digital and mobile devices. Now we will showcase you on these devices to direct our audiences to your stations.

AccuWeather will display your station brands on all of our digital media properties – including connected TVs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, the web, and more – and present your brand exclusively to all visitors from your DMAs who view our properties. And because in this program the powerful AccuWeather brand becomes your brand, you benefit from the ubiquitous brand presence of AccuWeather and the ongoing promotion of the AccuWeather brand in every medium.

Weather Team

WeatherTeam is a complete, customized ready-to-air weather show, delivered via satellite, fiber optic or Internet, whenever you want. It is available in English and Spanish, with or without the AccuWeather brand name, and includes the precise content, look and length you specify.

Our graphics team will work with you to design an advanced, modern look around your branding. As weather is the most sought-after content for advertisers to sponsor, we will also work with you to include ideal placement of sponsor’s logo.

WeatherTeam is the easiest and most affordable path to fully localized and customized weather presentations that draw viewers and attract advertising revenue. Many stations use WeatherTeam on weekends, or when their own weather talent is unavailable. And WeatherTeam can be your back-up, on short notice, in cases of illness, equipment failure, or other emergencies.

On days when severe weather is the news, WeatherTeam can give your station an angle no one else is covering! Use live WeatherTeam cut-ins to supplement your station’s own local experts with nationally-known weather commentators and the same recognized expert meteorologists used for this purpose by national networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Channel, PBS, CNN and CBN.