The most comprehensive study of forecast accuracy ever undertaken overwhelmingly reconfirmed AccuWeather as the world's most accurate source of wind, precipitation and high-temperature forecasts.

AccuWeather.com available in over 200 languages and dialects worldwide

Daily data requests exceed 45 billion


Independent ForecastWatch analysis of 30 million forecasts confirms AccuWeather as the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings everywhere in the world

Daily data requests exceed 30 billion

Celebrates 55 years of innovation and contributions to the advancement of commercial meteorology

Receives W3 Best-in-Show award for iOS app and Gold award for Android app


Day by Day 90-Day Forecast launched, longest-range forecast available in the world

AccuWeather.com available in over 100 languages and dialects worldwide

Daily data requests exceed 17 billion

Launches StormDirector+, interactive turnkey weather solution for local TV stations

Barry Lee Myers named Fellow of American Meteorological Society (AMS)


Launches 24/7 AccuWeather Network cable channel on Verizon FiOS

Announces historic Joint Venture with Huafeng Media Group for the exclusive distribution of weather information in China

Launches AccUcast®, exclusive crowdsourced weather feature enabling users to share their weather updates worldwide 

Featured in global marketing campaign with Microsoft®, reaching new record levels of brand recognition and trust


Won W3 Appy Awards for best-in-class applications

Launches AccuWeather MinuteCast ®, Minute-By-Minute forecasts™ to app and online products 

Distribution of AccuWeather mobile apps reaches 1.3 million devices worldwide


Unveils 30-Day Forecast option to web and mobile

StoryTeller® Interactive Touchscreen system used in all Top Ten U.S. Broadcast markets

Launches first-of-its-kind 45-Day Forecast to web and mobile products

Acquires MarineWeather®

Acquires SkyMotion, Inc.® in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Launches revolutionary 25-Day Forecast

Wins “Best iPhone App” at the 2012 Mobile Show in Dubai

SkyGuard® Mobile launches with customized warnings and information delivered to iPhones

Forms multiplatform weather content partnership with Fox Television Stations

Celebrates 50th Anniversary


Partners with more than 85% of major mobile manufacturers worldwide

Elliot Abrams included into National Meteorologist Hall of Fame

Dr. Joel N. Myers named Fellow of American Meteorological Society (AMS)

WeatherData Services, Inc. becomes AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions ®


Receives Corporate Award from the AMS for “nearly 50 years of exceptional innovation and leadership in weather applications and communication”

Named as one of the “ten coolest internships in America” by the San Francisco Chronicle

Launches global website in 33 languages

Special partnership with Apple for iPad launch


Expands advertising sales operations with new Manhattan office at Rockefeller Center

Named second most-downloaded application for iPhone

Barry Myers, CEO, joins NOAA’s Environmental Information Services Working Group

AccuWeather Television Network becomes available in 67 broadcast markets via AT&T U-verse TV

Begins providing weather page for the New York Times


Launches apps for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android

Receives five Telly awards

AccuWeather.com one of the top ten mobile sites


Launches CinemaLiveHD® weather display system

Launches GISPro®

Launches SelectWarn 2.0 ® severe weather display system

Barry Lee Myers named AccuWeather Chief Executive Officer


Offers weather and news content for digital signage platforms

Acquires WeatherData, Inc., the leader in user-centric severe weather warnings

Recognized by Congressional Committee for warning the public of Katrina’s threats to New Orleans a full twelve hours before the National Hurricane Center

Introduces arthritis, flu, and asthma health indices


Adds Premium v3.0 to its award-winning lineup of digital applications

Introduces the world’s first 4-hour Predictive Radar

Local AccuWeather channel 
launched in ten markets


Provides content onto more than 600 websites

Galileo becomes best-selling TV weather system

AccuWeather’s graphical weather content for wireless devices wins Best of Show award at Internet World Essentials


AccuWeather.com introduced on Mobile web platform

Offers Hour-by-Hour™ forecasts expanded for one million locations

Acquires newspaper divisions of WeatherData, Inc. and Meteorlogix, LLC

One billionth free page accessed on AccuWeather.com

Acquires OnlineWeather, a UK-based weather company


Introduces Galileo® Weather System


Streaming video launched at AccuWeather.com

Introduces ULTRA LocalCast™ for the most localized forecast displays


Introduces Neighborhood NEXRAD ™ storm-tracker street level radar system


Aviation Internet site, including online flight plan filing with the FAA, available at PilotWeather.com

Technology Council of Central PA awards AccuWeather as “Technology Company of the Year”

Opens new 52,000 sq. ft. global headquarters in State College, PA


Introduces the exclusive and patented AccuWeather RealFeel Temperature®

AccuNet™/ Associated Press (AP) Photo Library offered to schools/libraries

AccuWeather Founder, President, and Chairman Dr. Joel N. Myers honored as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history in Entrepreneur magazine’s Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs book

10 Day hour-by-hour forecast invented

RadioShack and AccuWeather introduce Home Weather Station

Purchases Widespread Weather Services business and introduces WeatherPager™ service


AccuWeather for Windows software introduced

Acquires WeatherSource Corporation located in Montgomery, AL

Introduces AccuWeather.com online

UltraGraphix ULTRA Weather System ™ wins “NAB Pick-of-Show” award for “advancement in the art and science of television broadcast”

Senior Vice President Elliot Abrams wins the National Weather Association’s “Radio/TV Broadcaster of the Year” award


Introduces FlyThru® animations

Introduces StormPath™ and StormTimer™ radar forecasts

Acquires TotalWeather Corporation located in Minneapolis, MN


The AccuWeather Center named a top educational product by Curriculum Administrator

Introduces current and forecast UltraViolet (UV) Index


Introduces UltraGraphix-PLUS™ 32 color-bit graphics

AccuCall® 2000 wins the Golden Phone Award as the best “general news” service available by telephone

Senior Vice President Elliot Abrams wins
the 1993 AMS Award for Outstanding Service by
a Broadcast Meteorologist

AccuWeather Forecaster and its use of AccuData® named as one of top 10 things to do with your computer by Discover magazine


Reaches agreement with Telemet for representation in 
portions of South America

Introduces FirstWarn® weather warning system

Reaches agreement with Unisys to acquire real-time NEXRAD Doppler radar data

In recognition of AccuWeather’s 30th anniversary celebration, November 15, 1992 was proclaimed AccuWeather Day in Pennsylvania


Begins automated fax service, AccuWeather Fax™

Dr. Joel N. Myers, wins The PA Association of
 Broadcasters, Pride in Pennsylvania Business Award


Begins service to CompuServe On-Line with AccuWeather named a top educational product by Curriculum Administrator for the first of three times


Introduces UltraGraphix®,ultra-high spatial and color resolution ready-for-air graphics

Acquires WeatherScan International Corporation, located in Oklahoma City, OK

Introduces lightning data and graphics


Distributes Reuters Olympic graphics 
to newspapers worldwide

AccuWeather Forecaster™ software introduced

Introduces new television graphics system

Introduces electronic color newspaper weather pages


Introduces the new radar display, RadarPlus™

Begins service to Prodigy


Introduces MacWeather newspaper graphics

Becomes an Apple developer

Begins producing the AP weather maps and operating 
the AP Access computer system

Begins satellite delivery for ready-for-air satellite, radar, and weather graphics

Develops aviation and education products

Begins production of color satellite images


Introduces ready-for-air TV weather graphics

Begins worldwide forecast service


Develops USA Today weather page

Named the Official Weather Forecaster For the World’s Fair at Knoxville, Tennessee


Named the official Weather Forecaster for the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, NY

AccuWeather Weather Analysis Computer System (ACCU/WACSTM) installed


Introduces 7-day local forecasts for television


Introduces weather graphics by fax

Introduces newspaper services


First television station signs on (WPVI-TV, Philadelphia, PA)


First radio station signs on (WARM, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA)


First government agency served with Snow Warning Service ™


First forensics customer served


First ski area served


Dr. Joel N. Myers founds privately-held company

Serves first client, a Pennsylvania utility