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The AccuWeather Podcast brings you behind-the-scenes details on trending weather topics, news-making weather events, and new updates from the world’s most trusted name in weather. Every episode delivers just the right blend of science and storytelling, giving you the full story and inviting you into a conversation that informs, entertains, and enriches your experience.

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The host who knows the weather.

Regina Miller, host of the AccuWeather PodcastAccuWeather Podcast host Regina Miller is a 20-year television and radio broadcast veteran who has done everything from news desk assignment editing to field reporting to lifestyle show hosting. She earned a degree in broadcast journalism from Lock Haven University, but when she began working in the news industry she found herself drawn to the weather lab. She was especially fascinated by difficulties of snow forecasting during the harsh Pennsylvania winters. 

Miller decided to go back to school and focus on weather, earning a certificate in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University. She became well-known during her several years as the morning and noon meteorologist for the CBS affiliate WTAJ-TV in Pennsylvania. She then joined the Accuweather Network as a broadcast meteorologist in 2015. 

Miller's innate inquisitiveness and ability to simplify complicated concepts make her the perfect host to bring you the weather stories at the heart of the Accuweather Podcast. Join her, other AccuWeather team members, and renowned experts to learn more about the world of weather!

The podcast you never want to miss.

Stay in the know with the best podcast about the weather, from the fastest-growing source of weather forecasts with Superior Accuracy™. Episodes now available include: 

  • Nationally recognized radio weather personality Elliot Abrams on the major storms he's covered in 50 years of forecasting.
  • Landscape expert Bryon May tells you how to protect vulnerable plants against rabbits and other varmints.
  • Hurricane preparedness advice from Daniel Brown, Senior Hurricane Specialist at the National Weather Service.
  • The 2018 hurricane outlook from Dan Kottlowski, AccuWeather’s hurricane expert.
  • Long-range forecasters Paul Pastelok and Joe Lundberg explore how their specialty has improved over the years to better protect people, businesses, and property. 

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Trending weather stories on the AccuWeather Daily podcast.

AccuWeather Daily brings you the top weather story of the day, every day. Find out what bombogenesis really is. What’s going on with the wildfires that are in the news? What are the top cities for mosquitos right now? How can you keep pests out of your home? 

In every season, we'll keep you informed about the facts, and the impacts, of the day's top-trending weather story.


The AccuWeather Daily podcast on Alexa and Google Assistant

You can also listen to the AccuWeather Daily podcast on your Alexa device and on the Google Assistant app. 

To access the AccuWeather Daily podcast on Alexa, just say to your device, "Alexa, enable accuweather daily" and then, "Alexa, what's my flash briefing?"

To access the AccuWeather Daily podcast in the Google Assistant app, go to Settings > News > Add News Source, then select AccuWeather Daily under the "Science" category.