AccuWeather Today

With over 55 years of global forecasting experience, AccuWeather is the most accurate and most trusted weather brand worldwide, serving over 30 billion data requests each day. Our mission is to personalize the weather so people can improve their lives, demonstrating life-saving impact around the world – from severe weather events including Hurricane Katrina to massive flooding and snowfall.

Established in 1962 by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Joel N. Myers – a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society who was recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in American history by Entrepreneur Magazine's Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs book – AccuWeather also delivers a wide range of highly-customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions, as well as news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites.

A Foundation of Superior Accuracy™

AccuWeather gathers the best and most comprehensive weather data to deliver forecasts with Superior Accuracy, home to the largest forecast engine in the world – SmartWarn. Forecasts are pinpointed for every location on Earth and extend further ahead than any other source. With the most complete global real-time and historical data, most robust database of forecast models, most advanced forecast engine globally, proprietary patents, and comprehensive validation results, AccuWeather is the most accurate weather company worldwide.

In 2017, a study by independent industry tracker ForecastWatch confirmed the Superior Accuracy™ of AccuWeather's forecasts. This analysis of over 30 million forecasts, the most comprehensive global study of forecast accuracy ever undertaken, concluded that AccuWeather had the highest level of accuracy in all three categories it verified – temperature, precipitation and wind. By providing the most accurate forecasts and warnings, AccuWeather helps save more lives, keeps more people safe, and helps companies and people plan more effectively in all weather conditions.

AccuWeather was founded on Superior Accuracy [Accuracy + Weather = AccuWeather]. It is our promise and commitment every minute, every day, everywhere on earth – And it is what makes us the most trusted, most recognized weather brand in the world.

Our Beginnings

On November 15, 1962, Dr. Myers began forecasting the weather for a gas utility company in Pennsylvania. A graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University, he combined his entrepreneurial spirit and forecasting skills he was developing with the goal of saving lives and helping businesses prosper to get the most out of their day.

As Dr. Myers’ expanded his business to include many other businesses and government agencies. He provided weather to his first ski area in 1963 and first forensic customer in 1965. In 1967, the first government agency subscribed to the Snow Warning Service™, and services customized for fuel oil dealers and construction companies began in 1968. The commercial service was focused on the winter season, providing highly customized forecasts and weather warnings to highway departments, utility companies, construction companies, ski resorts, and other weather-sensitive businesses and agencies.

Traditional Media Service

In 1971, the company expanded its operations to a year-round service and began using the AccuWeather® brand name. The first radio station to be served by AccuWeather was WARM-AM in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA, and the first television station served was WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, in 1972. Another early radio customer was WINS in New York City. Five of the first seven broadcast stations served by AccuWeather in the early 1970s, remain customers today.

Radio Service

In AccuWeather's early days, radio broadcasts were transmitted over ordinary telephone lines out of a carpeted closet that was converted into a studio. Today, all broadcasts originate in one of our 18 digitally equipped broadcast studios, and most stations receive live reports via digital lines, with recorded forecasts transmitted over the Internet as MP3 or WAV files.

Television Service

AccuWeather has a long history of innovation in television. In 1975, AccuWeather was the first to introduce seven-day local forecasts for television, and began offering air-ready color television weather graphics in 1983. In 1986, AccuWeather launched air-ready satellite, radar and weather graphics. AccuWeather became a comprehensive video production facility in 1998, with the addition of video uplink, studio, and control room capabilities to support WeatherTeam Live™ video programming.

In the late 1980s, AccuWeather continued to evolve and expand their television service by including specialized devices and graphics systems. The FirstWarn® Screencrawler™, introduced in 1992 and subsequently enhanced several times, offers television stations a platform to quickly air critical weather warnings. The FirstWarn Neighborhood Doppler™, introduced in 1999, offers stations the best value in a street-level, storm-tracker radar system.

AccuWeather provided turnkey weather solutions to cable channels in 1996, with the introduction of Local Cable Weather™. Significantly enhanced in 2000 as Local Digital Weather™, the system was soon on the air as the Local AccuWeather Channel™ for WFMZ-TV. Another notable milestone for AccuWeather in 2003, was being the first vendor to provide native high definition weather through our Local Digital Weather HD system and service. This innovative technology immediately went on-air with Cablevision's VOOM, Direct Broadcast Satellite Network.

In 2005, AccuWeather introduced 24/7 local weather channels for television stations and other customers under the name Local AccuWeather Channel™. In August, 2005, The ABC Television Group became the first group to sign up for the service.

AccuWeather made significant advancements in technology in 2012, with the release of StoryTeller™, an interactive touchscreen system. StoryTeller enhanced the television newsroom experience, providing specialized applications for news, sports, elections, traffic, and weather presentations and enabling newsrooms to incorporate live HD and SD video, graphic images, movies, and social media content into their presentations. StoryTeller is currently being used in 14 of the top 15 U.S. television markets.

Newspaper Service

AccuWeather has been serving newspapers since 1974, as a proven leader of the most accurate weather forecasts. In 1983, AccuWeather began transmitting weather data and text directly to newspapers' typesetting computers, and AccuWeather pioneered the electronic delivery of complete weather pages for newspapers in 1986 with its MacWeather® service, the first electronic delivery of its kind to newspapers. In 1987, AccuWeather introduced electronic color newspaper weather pages.

By the end of the 1990s, AccuWeather was the undisputed market leader in supplying newspaper weather pages to newspapers who outsourced their weather presentation.

The AccuWeather Network

AccuWeather further expanded its television broadcast capabilities with the launch of the 24/7 AccuWeather Network on the Verizon FiOS cable system in March 2015. Featuring “All Weather, All the Time”™ information-based weather, the network complements our existing broad multimedia reach across newspapers, radio stations, local television stations, digital signage, online, mobile, apps, and more. It provides up-to-the-minute national, regional, and local weather updates with the most accurate forecasts. 

Digital Media Leadership

AccuWeather has excelled since its earliest days as a technology and digital innovation leader. In 1972, AccuWeather introduced the transmission of weather graphics by telecopier, the first primitive fax machines. Subsequent delivery vehicles have included electronic bulletin boards, pagers, wireless devices, the Internet, email, FTP download, cell phones, and satellite delivery.

AccuWeather then began to offer weather information over the Internet in 1995, selling content to Internet sites with the development of the AccuNet® and netWeather™ Internet services.® first appeared on the Internet as a free site in 1996 and was followed the next year by the introduction of our first premium site, and by the launch of Professional in 2003. The website launched streaming video in 2000, followed by the Desktop™ bug in 2002, and a variety of other features in 2005.

In 1997, AccuWeather introduced WeatherPager®, an alert service issued to pagers. AccuWeather continued to expand its offerings in the arena of proactive electronic notification with the addition of Alert™ email services in 2001. AccuWeather began service to PDAs and cell phones in 2002 and, in 2003, AccuWeather's graphical weather content for wireless devices won the "Best of Show" award at Internet World Essentials.

Today, AccuWeather content is available across major digital device manufacturers, reaching over 1.5 million worldwide. In fact, AccuWeather is the #1 mobile web weather provider, the most preferred and trusted source for weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy in the world.

We continue lead in mobile and digital innovation with new cross-platform features and enhancements including the use of expansive video content types and formats, including live-stream and 360 videos.

AccuWeather MinuteCast® provides hyper-local minute-by-minute precipitation updates on AccuWeather’s award-winning apps and Launched in 2015, AccUcast is an exciting, interactive crowdsourcing feature available on flagship AccuWeather apps where users can share their local weather updates. Both AccuWeather MinuteCast and AccUcast to help people worldwide make more informed decisions, providing levels of hyper-localization and user interactivity in weather forecasting.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, the world's leading commercial weather source partnering with more than 245 of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses and government agencies worldwide, provides the most accurate, actionable weather data, forecasts, and intelligence that saves lives, protects property, drives revenue, minimizes risk, increases productivity, and more for clients worldwide.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions has focused on the business impacts of weather for over 55 years, serving clients in all 50 states in the U.S. and worldwide including all of North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. Clients across all industries rely on AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions for the most accurate weather information and insights to drive quantifiable business results. Government and emergency management agencies also rely on AccuWeather for the best forecasts of severe weather events - floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, and others - available from any source. By forecasting and communicating the weather the most accurately and effectively worldwide, focusing on impacts - telling people how, why, and what they need to do in order to save lives and minimize losses - AccuWeather has saved tens of thousands of lives and prevented tens of billions of dollars in property damage.

Important innovations developed for commercial customers include the Window of Movement™ display (now called Forecast Eye Path™), developed in 1981 for our hurricane / tropical storm warning customers, and the first graphical representation of the forecast path of tropical storms. The AccuWeather Fax™ product, introduced in 1992, put the AccuWeather forecast on the front desks of 2,000 hotels across the country. 1-900-Weather, introduced by AccuWeather in 1989 under sponsorship of American Express, was the first weather forecast service that used audiotex technology, combining prerecorded words and phrases to create the audio forecasts. The version of this service we created for AccuWeather, AccuCall 2000™, won the "1994 Golden Phone" award as the best general news service available by telephone. In 2005, our innovative use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) was recognized with the first ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award ever awarded to a weather company.

In 2016, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions data analytics team developed the exclusive Disruption Forecast for commercial clients. A weather forecast is a prediction of what the weather will be like at a specific time in a certain location. However, it rarely provides information regarding the impact of those weather conditions. Through D3 Data Driven Decisions (D3) leadership, AccuWeather has taken advantage of historical weather database and comprehensive storm report information to statistically measure disruption caused by various weather phenomena. Utilizing proprietary forecast information and custom Disruption Index thresholds, D3 automates a complex process that will ingest new forecast information and output a level of disruption at each precise location. Weather perils include flooding rains, high winds, extreme heat, and severe cold occur in many different locations every year. These weather events can be experienced in one location many times a year, but in another may only occur once, or not at all. This means weather is all relative to what one location experiences. For example, two inches of rain in Tampa, FL will have a completely different impact than two inches of rain in Las Vegas, NV. Understanding and visualizing the threshold at which impacts are felt is vital for companies to make appropriate decisions.

Track Record of Innovation

AccuWeather has an established track record of developing revolutionary product innovations to help people’s lives. In 1994, AccuWeather introduced its current and forecast Ultraviolet (UV) Index, as the world's first local UV Index available with current and hour-by-hour forecasts. In 1997, AccuWeather developed the patented AccuWeather RealFeel Temperature™. This proprietary year-round measure of how temperature is really perceived supersedes the outmoded and misleading wind chill and heat indices.

In 2002, AccuWeather invented the patent-pending AccuPOP™, the first multi-period three-hour probability of precipitation, and in 2004 AccuWeather initiated the patent-pending StormRisc™, a clear and succinct summary of severe weather threats.

In 2004 and 2005, AccuWeather introduced new tropical weather symbols and terminology, and several new weather indices for specific advertisers, including the Arthritis Index and Flu Index.

AccuWeather later introduced patented AccuWeather MinuteCast®, the world’s Minute by Minute™ precipitation forecast for your exact location with Superior Accuracy™.

AccuWeather was also first to introduce detailed Day By Day 5-Day, 7-Day, 10-Day, 15-Day, 25-Day, 30- Day, 45-Day, and – launched in 2016 – the Day by Day 90-Day Forecast, setting the industry standard in long-range forecasting to help peoples’ lives.

Global Expansion

AccuWeather served a small number of international customers in the 1970s, mainly Canadian radio stations and snow warning customers. Our international services have become widely recognized globally and continue to expand as the world’s largest and fastest growing weather company.

In 2015, AccuWeather formed a unique joint venture with Huafeng Media Group, the commercial weather media company owned by the China Meteorological Administration. The partnership increased AccuWeather's forecast locations throughout China, offering long range forecasts and distribution partnerships with Chinese companies. This is may be the largest and most dramatic single event to occur in the provision of weather information on a country and global scale in the history of the weather industry.

AccuWeather is the global leader in weather information and digital media, providing forecasts in more than 100 languages and dialects for every location on Earth.